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Property Inspection Trips

Stress-free and no pressure inspection trips of properties for sale and the locations: book now by calling +44 (0) 161 408 7588.


Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements, the following can be used as a guide to what is available.

Our Most Popular Area To View Properties is Turkey.
Please call our office to request further information or fill in your enquiry on our contact us page page
You will not be disappointed to see this area, full of breathtaking beaches and scenery.

Please note that prices, special offers, promotions, etc. can change at any time due to factors ourside our control. Please contact us to discuss our latest offers.


Location Price From Details
Egypt Egypt: Please contact us for our up to date information on viewing trips to Egypt.
Turkey Turkey: Viewing Trips are generally for 3 days with subsidised accomodation. You will view a fantastic range of property with a local and informative representative. We have one of the largest portfolio's of property in Turkey. Please contact our office for further details.
Turkey Turkey: We have one of the largest portfolio of property in Istanbul. Viewing trips are generally only required for 1 day and one evening, as all of the developments are within easy reach of the airport and you will be shown all developments within the day. Prices start from only £19,900 and with low deposits, these properties sell very quickly.
Turkey Turkey: Subsidised Accomodation for 3 nights viewing property.

Other areas: please contact us.

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